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Job Summary

The FGdb Coder will work with other staff members as necessary to work on the Free Geek Database (FGdb) project.


  • Go through the tickets already present in our system, helping to fix bugs and implement features where possible, given the amount of time.
  • Work with the Technocrats Standing Committee to prioritize FGdb tasks related to FGdb.
  • Work with the Technocrats Standing Committee to prioritize other system administration tasks.
  • Regular onsite work is required, though some work can be done remotely.
  • Work must be done in a way that allows other skilled volunteers to contribute to the project, though management of other coding and system adiminstration volunteers is not required since other staff will take responsibility for volunteer coordination.
  • Learn the general overview of the code base and system infrastructure already in use.

Required Skills

  • General understanding of computer programming, Ruby on Rails, and standard programming practices.
  • General understanding of Free Geek, its mission, and community.

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