Facilities Maintenance Job Description

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page is out of date This job is overseen by those on the Action Committee.


  • Accomplish tasks on the Facility page.
  • Maintain, repair, and replace electrical appliances, light switches and fixtures, fans, receptacles, and fluorescent ballasts on the premises of free geek not exceeding 300 volts to ground.
  • Accomplish general maintenance. Namely,
    • Plumbing (leaks, breaks,toilets, faucets),
    • Electrical (checking, basic repairs, improvements),
    • Changing HVAC filters,
    • Non load-bearing wall repairs, and
    • Doors (locks, hinges, and striker plates).
  • Complete tasks started by staff/volunteers as necessary.
  • Complete other tasks as deemed necessary by staff/Action committee.
  • If possible, use RT to look up needed maintenance and record tasks accomplished.
  • Assist Action Committee in researching and understanding code and licensing requirements for maintenance tasks.


  • $15/hour
  • Hours: expect many hours of work in the beginning, slowing to a few general maintenance and emergency maintenance hours as the building gets in shape.
  • This is a contractual position.