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Main systems you may need an account on

Coders working on programming projects may need access to certain machines:

  • claws* -- "classroom" server (so you can log in from FREE GEEK's terminals in the classroom)
  • llama -- the "homework" box, for people taking classes (some development can happen here)
  • svn -- (also known as brainwash) so you can check stuff in and out of svn. This account doesn't typically allow shell access -- only svn access.
  • foyer -- this is the gateway for getting into FREE GEEK machines from the outside (ssh into foyer, and then from foyer ssh to the machine you need to get to). You do not need an account on this machine if you will be doing all your work from inside FREE GEEK.

Higher level access

Coders with higher access privileges may also get accounts on these machines:

  • lore* -- the production box for coders that need to actually deploy tested code

NOTE: Servers with asterisks (*) are unavailable for connection from outside FREE GEEK. Servers without the asterisks are in the DMZ and are typically locked down pretty tight. You can ssh into them and do work, but they are usually unable to connect to other servers.

Do you need to use the full name to access the machine?

All computers can be connected to from inside FREE GEEK by their simple hostname (above). From outside of FREE GEEK, you need to add the domain name (, for example:

$ ssh  # works from outside or inside FREE GEEK
$ ssh llama               # works from inside FREE GEEK only

Setting up accounts on llama

(This is for ASSes.)

To set up someone with an account on llama, you should use this command:

# /root/ [USERNAME]

This gives the users appropriate links to create accessbile PHP web pages and empty MySQL and PostgreSQL database to experiment with.