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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development.
Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.


Organize an annual meeting of all of the official Free Geeks. Free Geeks with preliminary status, Free Geek affiliates and those interested in starting up a Free Geek shall also be invited.

All of the official Free Geeks present at the congress shall have the opportunity to present proposals that are related to modification of the trademark use application and official certification process and structure.


the wwcc may be happening around this same time

or we could do it in conjunction with OSCON

  • When? Mid-late Sept. 2007? (need exact date)
  • How many days? 1-2-3?
  • Weekdays/Weekend? (Sunday and Monday? or Sat. and Sun.?)
  • After party?


  • Finalize/ratify the meaning of "what does it mean to be a Free Geek?"
  • Get all preliminary status groups to sign statement they comply with results of above.
  • Welcoming ceremony?


All official Free Geeks, and Preliminary Free Geeks.