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Free Geek retains unusual or vintage hardware for educational and esoteric purposes. The museum is housed in our classroom. Example models of interesting old technology are displayed, along with some basic information about each item.

Documentation Process

  1. Check around museum item to see if there is already documentation for the item. If not, [ search wikipedia] for an appropriate article.
    • Ideally, there will be an article about the exact item.
    • If there is no exact article, there may be something more general that is appropriate. Use it temporarily.
  2. If an article is found, print it out
  3. Slide hard copy into a plastic sleeve and place under museum item.
  4. Put a link to the wikipedia article into our Items in our Museum list below

Future documentation tasks

  • If there is no exact documentation, create a page on our wiki and put a link to that in the list below.
  • If there is no image, take a picture and upload it to wikipedia or our wiki.
  • If there are any problems notes in the wikipedia article, take measures to fix them.
  • Categorize wikipedia articles as "Free Geek Museum"

Items in our Museum

This is a list of the closest matching Wikipedia pages (I've begun adding pictures of our own museum items below the listed wikipedia link, these are from an outside site as I have had difficulties uploading.):