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To eliminate E-waste, by Responsible electronics Recovery through Reuse, Rebuilding, and Recycling.

"Facilitate and implement responsible stewardship of e-Waste among the critical businesses involved. Encourage community participation by providing technology and educational training opportunities for all." Heres what you can do.

What your business can do.

Who we are. Services for you.

Gizmo process flow and roles.

FREE GEEK WASHINGTON is a community driven Washington State Non-Profit Organization (NPO),
following Free Geek Principles and guidelines.

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As responsible environmental stewards, our roles in Electronic Waste (eWaste) program cycle are:

  • Pursuing standard plans, contracts, and premium services dealing with covered and other unwanted technology or electronic products.
  • Implementing services, between eWaste clients, processors, recyclers, transporters, retailers (intended for re-use), businesses (including small and large manufacturers), and household collection services.
  • Facilitating eWaste management ideas between donators, volunteers, businesses, and locations.

E-Waste reality, we help make solutions happen: Connecting the pieces, Creating the events. Sharing in the responsibility.

Our staff, volunteer, and business network is ready, willing, and available to create solutions to your eWaste concerns.