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There is a lot involved in starting up a new Free Geek. One thing the mothership could do to make a new Free Geek start up more easily is to provide a computer pre-fitted with all the major images a new Free Geek might use, for instance:

a mix of XEN and LTSP servers could hold
  • Build
    • Network installation using DebNetInstall
    • image cloning (to make things quick if needed)
    • HardDrive testing/wiping
    • Hardware diagnosis (FGdiag)
    • Squid, or Apt Repository
  • Office Tasks
    • Application Server
    • Web and mail and mailing lists server
    • A database server
  • Admin of Systems and Security
    • Router and Firewall
    • nagios (system checkup)
    • ssh gate

The idea is that a new Free Geek could order one of these boxes from our grants program and we would ship it, along with enough instructions to build a diskless lab, an imaging server for a build program, a database for gizmo and volunteer entry, etc. The box would come with a minimal instruction manual on paper that would get them up and running. Further documentation could live on the box if necessary. There would be links to a complete web documentation as well.

What else should go on such a box?