Freekbox Parameters

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Take-Home/Adoption Freekboxen are to be built following the current specifications reflected in the Build Specification Sheet, and the following parameters:

  1. ATX compatible motherboard (e.g., no BTX motherboards commonly found in Shuttle boxes),
  2. No "Gamer" style cases (clear side plates, fancy colors, over-the-top accessories like front panel temp controls, etc.)
  3. PSU not exceeding 500W,
  4. No Superfluous PCI/PCI-e/AGP devices,
  5. No integrated LCD devices.
  6. When in doubt, ask a Build staff person or Reuse Coordinator.

Build/Adoption volunteers are entitled, along with their take-home system, to one of each of the following gizmos:

  1. LCD monitor
  2. Speaker set (excludes subwoofer systems.)
  3. USB keyboard (unless supplies are low, in which case systems with working PS2 connections will receive a PS2 keyboard.)
  4. PS2 mouse (exception: systems with only USB connections, in which case a USB mouse is acceptable. Excludes optical mice.)
  5. Power cord/s (any necessary to power the system and gizmos)
  6. DVI-to-VGA adapter **Applies only to systems without a VGA connection. Build volunteers wanting to take home a Freekbox with only DVI-format video may not do so without either a VGA adapter, or a 128mb PCI-e/AGP card with VGA port. If no such card is available, it is the instructor's role to either find an available adapter to disburse, or tell the Build volunteer that they will have to select another machine as their take-home Freekbox.**