Fundraising and Other Cost Cutting Measures

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This page left for historical purposes. -- Mkille (talk) 16:49, 13 August 2013 (PDT)

We need to list any recent steps Free Geek has taken to increase revenues or cut costs before we start proposing staffing cuts. (Doing this prevents forming an ad hoc Layoffs and Reduction Committee when there's no looming financial crisis.)

  • Financial Optimization Meeting
  • Integrate Production Staff into Store
  • Cut core breakfasts
  • Cut entertainment, beer, and food fund.
  • Stopped raises
  • Fundraising letter.
  • Did not hire Office Manager.
  • Changed our steel vendor.
  • Changed receiving tickets.
  • The second Front Desk person remains an intern, not a collective member.
  • Nicer stuff for sale in store now.
  • Printing here more -- at Kinko's less.

All of the above saved money or brought in some. Additionally we are also working on the following items, which have promise, but haven't helped us yet.

  • Tech support ticket sales.
  • Focusing events (like Geek Prom) on more fundraising
  • Smashtacular!