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GEEK PROM is a annual spring fundraiser with a high school prom theme. It is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th. This year it'll be at the Someday Lounge at NW 5th and Couch. The Outreach committee oversees this event. The theme this year is:

  •  ???


  • Tickets: $6-10 sliding scale
  • Location/sponsor: Someday Lounge NW 5th and Couch (flash site)
  • Additional sponsors: Need some! Food? Booze or beer? Advertising?
  • Activities/fundraisers: Classic video games, photo booth?, live D&D-style like last year, king and queen competition
  • Bands: The Golden Greats, perhaps Ape Shape and Show Me the Pink?
  • Jello shots? I hope so.
  • Streaming video: Someday records their shows for later video streaming


  • Music/DJs - Shawn/Phil/Jeff
  • Stage manager - ?
  • MC - ?
  • Meet the Geek - Should we do this?
  • Photo Booth - Martin?
  • Giant Video Game - Dave
  • Food/Drink - Shawn/Someday Lounge?
  • Alcohol coordination - Phil
  • Outreach/PR - Ali/Phil/Shawn?
  • Decorations
  • Volunteer Coordinator - ?
  • Volunteers
    • Ticket-takers/ID check (3 step), setup, teardown, food watcher, photo booth assistant
    • Volunteer sign-in now available!


  • Tickets

Will earn ~$1750 for 250 tickets (assuming an average sale price of $7) Only sold at-the-door

  • Photo Booth

Pose with your favorite gizmo/museum item!

  • Alcohol Sales: we probably won't make money on this, but we'll check
  • Snacks will be bought. Cost: $200


Note: this timeline is from 2006

  • March 20 Send out a feeler email for a media sponsor to the weekly rags
  • March 23 Choose theme
  • April 4 Final Band Lineup
  • April 4 First press release
  • April 6 or so Finalize plans with Acme
  • April 6 First draft poster done -
  • April 6 Major raffle donors contacted (30-day head-start on big items)
  • April 14 Final poster/flier done raffle items mostly done
  • April 14 Second press release with finalized info
  • April 15 Copies of flier and poster made at FG
  • April 15 Press release out to media
  • April 15 Press release out to minor media/email lists/bulletin boards
  • April 17 Shawn makes copies of flier if FG printers fail
  • April 18 begin to blanket the city with fliers/posters
  • April 21 Raffle items mostly collected
  • April 21 All final media in to media outlets
  • April 22 Outreach for volunteers: setup/decorations, door, photo booth, candy girls/boys, drivers?, cleanup
  • May 2 Food and Raffle figured out
  • May 2 Final Final Press Release (TV)
  • May 2 Finalize guest list
  • May 2 Discuss drink comp tickets
  • May 2 finalize raffle
  • May 4 Photo Booth test (w/ bluescreen background)
  • May 4 Check weather report

Day of

  • Noon Larry shows up to do pickups
  • 2pm Larry returns with stuff
  • 2-4pm Setup:
    • Videos and electricity
    • Photo booth and elecricity
    • Make photo booth pretty
    • Put up photo booth lights
    • Plant random experience points around acme
    • Check about food table/door person/door table. Do we need to bring tables?
  • 7pm Pickup platters at New Seasons on Division
  • 8pm Setup:
    • Food table (bring our own?)
    • Raffle table
    • Cash boxen (3)
    • Door table
    • Signs
    • Bring prizes: raffle, meet/geek, level up, food and door table if needed
  • 9pm Start party!
  • 9:30pm No more non-door-paying diners
  • Cleanup that night.
  • Level Up for more XP (raffle tix, stump dave, Street Fighter Competition, buy a FG person, dance off entry, bartenders hand out for big tip

Press Release

Press Releases sent to: Are these getting sent to email, fax, or by snail mail, or a combination? Also...don't forget to look at the Media contact list for other outlets. I'd like to help send these out, but let me know if there's a system so I don't duplicate efforts. -Pete 11:26, 30 Apr 2006 (PDT)

  • Willamette Week calendar (4/20)
  • Mercury calendar (4/20)
  • City Repair Core (4/21)
  • KBOO Community Calendar (4/20)
  • Craigs List (4/21)
  • N4N (4/21)
  • Oregonian events calendar (4/21)
  • Oregonian A&E (4/41)
  • Fox Channel 12 community calendar (4/21)
  • CitySearch (4/21)
  • Portland (4/25)