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This is a wiki page concerning bands for GEEK FAIR.

Info booth staffers: If you're working the info booth, use this page to tell you how many beer/food tickets to give to the performers: please give 1 beer ticket and 1 food ticket to each performer as they come up individually, then mark on this sheet that you did it by the band's name.

=Type of Music

This year Chervona was most popular. J and L think that higher energy folk music, fewer bands (4 ish) with longer sets. Avant Garde style, sample, etc, did not work so well. Band should be booked a minimum of 8 months in advance. The last band should finish well before the end of Geek Fair/deconstruction. There needs to be an individual responsible for ensuring that bands are starting and stopping when they are scheduled.

List o' Bands

Be sure to check out the Geek Fair Schedule, (NOT Updated) a work in progress. They'll each play for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes of setup time.

Confirmed Performers

  • Stage Performers
    • American Nobody: 12:30-1:00
    • Hide and Go Hustle: 1:10- 1:40
    • Guidance Counselor 2:40-3:25
    • Chervona 4:00-4:40
    • Atole 4:55-5:55
  • Off Stage Performers
    • Chain Reaction - 2:30-3:00 dance troupe
    • FOSS Panel
    • Tarot card reading
    • Portland Womens Stiltwalking Group** TBA
    • LAN Party

integrate: Geek Arena & Raffle

Music Tent Stage

In-Between Act Performances

Off-Stage Performance


Sound and Stage Management