Geek Fair Setup Schedule

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This page is for GEEK FAIR coordinators so they can help set up.

July 20 (day before)



  • New seasons - ali
  • Cash and Carry - ali and ebeth
  • SEUL: barricades - ali
  • Full Sail keg -ebeth

Outside Setup

7pm One or two volunteers

  • Put out "No Parking" signs along entire block and parking lot entries
  • Dunk tank

Indoor Setup


  • Move stuff out of the classroom, meeting room, staff lounge
  • Put up signage
  • Clean and stock bathrooms
  • Set up meeting room as bar
  • Set up classroom as gaming place
  • Take terminals down in classroom (neatly!)
  • Haul in tables, tents, etc. when they come in
  • Shake out rugs
  • Make it pretty

July 16 (day-of)



  • Pickup dunk tank


  • Start filling dunk tank at 9am (takes 2-1/2 to 3 hrs!)
  • Put up stage and backdrop
  • Put up tents
  • Put out tables and chairs
  • Set up sound
  • Set up water stations and super soakers
  • Sandwich signs at major streets
  • Booth org signs at appropriate tables

Silent Auction


  • Be sure we have all bid sheets and winner-tracking spreadsheet is complete
  • Lay stuff out: prize next to or above bid sheet, with business cards/brochures closeby
  • You might want to tape bid sheets down
  • Put up signage

Kids' Area


  • Lay out stuff
  • Put up sign
  • get ready for munchkins to come

Info Booth

noon-1pm What should be there:

  • Info booth binder with:
    • Booth list
    • Band list, including which stage they play on, who the sound engineer is for that stage, and who to check in with
    • Program
    • Copy of site plan
  • Raffle items, tickets, and sign
  • Big info booth sign
  • Water and cups



  • Collect implements of destruction
  • Put printers close
  • Get cashbox
  • Set up sound

Volunteer Appreciation Awards


  • Jeff will congratulate volunteers and distribute awards