Getting Started Class Non-Adoption Teacher's Outline

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This class is for students who need additional assistance after taking the Getting Started class initially after earning their computer, who have just purchased a computer, or who simply have specific questions.

Before Class

Check-in with Front Desk

Check with the front desk to see how many students are signed up for class so you can prepare accordingly.


Please gather the following materials for each student:

  • 1 Monitor (found in the warehouse--walk in the warehouse doors and take an immediate right, the monitors will be on shelves on your right)
  • 1 System (found in the hallway outside of the classroom on shelves labeled Freekbox)
  • 1 Keyboard (found in the classroom on the shelf or in Receiving)
  • 1 Mouse (found in the classroom on the shelf or in Receiving)
  • 1 Mouse Pad (found in the classroom on the shelf or in Receiving)
  • 1 Set of powered speakers (found in the classroom on the shelf or in Receiving)
  • 2 Power cords (found in the classroom on the shelf)

Be sure to note if the system has PS/2 or USB ports for the keyboard and mouse. If it has USB ports rather than PS/2 make sure you can find USB accessories. These are sometimes rare in the warehouse.

Make sure the classroom is also stocked with:

  • Pens and paper for note-taking
  • Current and next (if available) month's class schedule for students (found in classroom on shelf along with other Getting Started class supplies). Make sure you mention the additional classes as you go through the class.


Write the following agenda on the whiteboard:

  • Introduction
  • How to Find Help
  • Q&A Time

Section One


Purpose of Class

  • Help students with specific questions
  • Make sure students are comfortable using new computer


  • Ask students to silence cell phones and do not call or text during class
  • Remind students to be respectful of fellow students (ex. Don't disrupt when instructor is answering a question or teaching)

Student Introductions

  • Name
  • Computer experience
  • What they want to learn in this class

Encourage Questions
Encourage students to ask questions about words or ideas that are unclear or unfamiliar. If something will be addressed later in the class, you will put off answering it until then. If something is totally outside the scope of the class (ie. How to set up a CD burner), you can talk to them about it after class.

How to Get Help

  • Talk about finding documentation on their computer and online (ex. PLUG, Ubuntu Pocket Guide)
  • Take additional classes at Free Geek
  • Explain tech support policy: we'll support your computer for one year as long as:
    • The system has not been modified (except by Free Geek) and
    • The system has been used as intended regularly since adoption and
    • The system has been used by the original Adopter or someone else who has taken the Adoption class at Free Geek.
    • Tech Support can be reached through the main Free Geek number at 503-232-9350. It is currently available Tue-Sat from 12-6pm.
  • The FreekiWiki has lots of helpful information on upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Help on the desktop
  • Ubuntu for Non Geeks reference book

User-specific Settings

At this point show students how they can change settings specific to them, such as:

  • Change mouse to lefthanded user
  • Resolution
  • Login window
  • Show how to add a user might be helpful
  • Change background, screensaver, and screensaver timing

After the Class

  • Make sure the class space gets set back up.
  • Take any systems that failed during the class to the front desk. Ask the person working at the front desk to complete a tech support ticket for the system. Provide as much information for the ticket as possible. The person at the front desk will then take the system to tech support.
  • Make sure systems being held for transportation are labeled with name, phone and expected time of pickup. (Adopters need to pick up their systems BEFORE the next-scheduled Adoption Class.)

When computers won't work properly

  • Troubleshoot to your comfort level
  • Seek assistance in tech support. Let the technician know you are from an Adoption Class and require immediate assistance.
  • If a tech support worker is not available, and if you can't fix the problem yourself, set the computer aside, grab another for the class. Then after class, take problem computer to the tech support office and complete an intake form. Indicate what was problematic. Place in tech support office.