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New Contacts

When a new contact person is found we should:

  1. Add them to the contacts in the database
  2. Add them to the Free Geek room use google calendar under description
  3. Make sure there is a Free Geek contact for the group as well
  4. Make sure that FG contact and group contact have each other's info

Regular Groups on Room Use Calendar

Perlmongers-meet on the second Wednesday of every month
Group contact: Eric Wilhelm
Free Geek contact: Laurel
Keyholder/chaperon: Daniel Wilson
Linux Clinic-the third (usually) Sunday of every month 1-4pm
Group contact: John Jordan or Keith Lofstrom
Free Geek contact: Richard
Keyholder/chaperon: John and Keith will share a key (and keyholding responsibilities)
PostgreSQl User's Group - 3rd Tuesday of every month
Group Contact: Selena, maybe Sam Keen?
FG Contact: Richard
Keyholder/chaperon: Daniel Wilson
CodeNSplode User's Group - 4th Tuesday of every month
Group Contact: Gabrielle Roth
FG Contact: Ali
Keyholder/chaperon: Gabrielle Roth