Holiday Party 2005

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The Holiday Party is our anual Thank You party for our volunteers. Happens this year on Saturday, December 10th, 8pm until as late as we want. Food and drinks are provided, but more food is always needed. This event is, once again, organized by your tireless party committee, otherwise known as Outreach.

To Do

  • Music/DJ
    • Tim will dj some, he will be able to help set up on thursday. I mean friday!
    • Opening band will probably be Wheelchair, a "one-man electronic lightshow." Recommended!
    • The Golden Greats will play. They rocked the muthership during the World Naked Ride in June.
    • Geeky biker DJ, Jasun Wurster will be on hand to take us out
      • 2) what kind of sound-system is involved. will freegeek have a PA or do they need us to get one?
        • the PA is set up and works pretty good; Mykle will come by on Friday AM to double-check.
      • 3) the public is not invited. Volunteers and friends of FREE GEEK (and their friends) are welcome. Dont broadcast it.
  • Beer
    • We've got 20 cases (canned) beer coming from Pabst Blue Ribbon.
    • Widmer Brothers is also giving us a keg of Drop Top Amber for the party. Christen is scheduled to pick up the keg (and drop off the refundable $170 deposit) between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Dec. 9.
    • Booze Coordinator Christen is now investigating the wine issue.
  • Wine
    • Christen has arranged to pick up about 6 bottles of wine from Noble Rot, 2724 SE Ankeny St., Portland on Dec. 9 or 10. She will have to bring a request with Free Geek's letterhead on it when she makes the pickup. Will ask for Kimberly or Courtney and receipt.
    • Christen has called Galaxy Wine Distributors and left a message. She will call back. The number is (888) 550-9463 if, say, Phil develops an inclination to do something Free Geek-related while at Free Geek.
    • Christen also left a message with McClaskey Wine Distributor, (503) 224-3150. Will pester again.
    • Columbia Distributing Company cannot donate but can set us up with a wholesale package for whatever we are willing to spend. (503) 289-9600.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
    • applied for donations at Trader Joes and New Seasons, use for juice, soda, and snacks denied
    • spend a couple of bucks at United Grocers
    • dumpster dive some vendors
      • Odwalla 122nd and Marine Dr... in the industrial park, back and to the right.
      • TJs Tue night
  • Food
    • Pizza, and lots of it

Pick up schedule:

  • Pizza A GoGo 503-335-0300 / 3240 N Williams 5pm 2 pizzas, call at 3pm for reminder
  • Vincente 503-236-5223 / 1935 SE Hawthorne 5pm 2 pizzas, call at 3:30pm for reminder, approved by Julia
  • Blind Onion 503-260-3794 / 3345 NE Broadway 6pm 4-6 pizzas call on 12/8 for reminder, Brian will answer
  • Hot Lips 503-234-9999 / 2211 SE Hawthorne 6pm 2 pizzas call 4 pm for reminder, approved by owner

== Volunteer Fun == ideas on jobs, (ie: what are we gonna do, and when were we supposed to do it?)

all FREE GEEK voluntiers and friends welcome

2 Fridays before

    • PA thing -MikeD (thanks!)
    • lighing rigs (oso?)
    • Get Volunteer sheet up - shawn?
      • Prep Space 2 volunteers (hours x1.5)
      • Bus Tables 4 volunteers (2 X 2 shifts), 9pm-11pm, 11pm-1am
      • Clean Up 4 volunteers 1am-2am (hours x2)

Monday before

    • PA things
    • decorations
      • are we gonna make the class systems dissapear? How?
      • prep art for walls...
    • lighing rigs, "bump" system (oso?)
      • the Golden Greats are requesting blinking lights, diodes? ted has ideas.
      • revphil has some wierd xmas lights

Tuesday before

    • PA thing (MikeD and rev) - UPDATE: the PA is set up and works pretty good. Concerns about Hi and Low end sound are still present. A subwoofer and/or nice tweeter may be set up and connected to our Amp under "Speaker B"
    • dive into food (clout, rev, liane) Odwalla trash picked up on monday morn at 3am. UPDATE: we are filled to the gill with juice! plus we got some hummas and a stock pile of meats wrapped in meats (most of which will probably be taken home by volunteers)

Thursday Before

    • Tim returns and will work on making the lights and sound awesome (with Oso?)

The Day Before: Friday

    • Double check on donations? Pick up stuff
    • prep projectors (different media)
    • more diving (clout some pizza!)

the Day of: Saturday

    • Print tax receipts to give to our donors at time of donation. (available on Free Geek's internal application server at /usr/local/outreach/donations/events/donationtaxreceipt.sxw)
    • Pick up Stuff
    • Clean up the space: classroom, meeting room, bathrooms, etc.
    • Set up meeting room and have lots of bins for recycling
    • projectors setup
    • Golden Greats sound check at 7pm
    • exterior: do we look like we are having a party?
    • Have dishes avilable (bowls, have paper plates as backup)

During the party (double hours for party?)

    • Opening band at 9pm? 930?
    • Golden Greats at 10-11?
    • bus tables/wash dishes - front desk sheet
    • Designated Drivers - core
    • sound/band assistant/stage manager/fluffer person - who's up for this? maybe ted should find someone?
    • emcee for the inaugural Office Chair Death Race
    • Basic clean-up at the end of the party


  • Cleanup on Sunday
    • No later than one week after the party, we need to send thank you cards/holiday greetings (penguiny!) to all of our donors

right now: flyer

foot prints closest to most away

-music food drink
-feed the robots
-all ages welcome

Thank Yous

Please make a mark next to the business' name after you've sent them a thank you note.

  • PBR
  • Widmer -done
  • New Deal
  • Blind Onion - done
  • Pizza A Go GO - done
  • Vincente's Pizza - done
  • Dirk Morgan
  • Jeremy, who set-up, bartended, and cleaned up. Woah.
  • Ben and Bobby, the pizza/stuff pick-up drivers
  • The music people...
  • Anyone else?