How to explain the Board structure to Recruits

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When speaking with a prospective board candidate, there are some key points you should always try to hit. These include the mission, our principles, the board structure, and time commitments.

As you know, our board will soon be made up of people representing certain skills and interests, as well as volunteers from within Free Geek. This structure was chosen after long and deep discussions and it isn't necessary to explain every minute historical detail in order to describe it. Instead, you might focus on how those skills and interests serve us by keeping us in touch with our clients, or the wider Portland Community. You could even throw in something about our mission and principles.

Here are some examples of ways to explain the structure and the people we are seeking.

  • In order to more fully uphold the principles stated in our mission, we are seeking professionals who can represent particular interest groups, such as environmental protection, free and open source software, and community organizing.
  • We need a professional who can advocate for interests mentioned in our mission and principles.
  • To better serve the community, Free Geek is seeking board members who can represent different sectors of the non-profit community