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FreekBox installer is now available:

current images:

freekbox3 multi-profile 20051218 torrent md5sums (internal network)

features include: security updates, some new packages, fits in 650MB, use standard debian partitioning scheme

older images:

freekbox3 multi-profile 20050821-2 torrent md5sums

the profiles included are:


in order to fit into a 700MB cd, i dropped the ibritish package, and replaced fb-music-high with fb-music-low. i thought i added the kscreensaver-xsavers package, to make KDE aware of the available screensavers installed, but it didn't appear to actually make it onto the CD. the only profile with working debconf preseeding was freekbox3, so the debconf pre-seeding on the other profiles was left out. still more work to do!

and until someone downloads it and puts it on their website, it's only available as a bittorrent download. internally, these CD images are also available at http://sempai.fglan/~vagrant/freekbox3/

freekbox3 20050711 installation CD via bittorrent alternate bittorrent download

freekbox3 20050711 installation CD

more info ...

freegeek columbus mirror: freekbox3 20050711 installation CD