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Taking advantage of OSCON, Free Geek is holding a couple of initial meetings for folks interested in starting up official Free Geeks around the country. These will take place on Friday and Saturday July 28 and 29, 2006.


So far coming:

  • Casey Milford, Free Geek Arkansas (has not applied for preliminary status)
  • Scott Merrill, Free Geek Columbus (has not applied for preliminary status)
  • John Billings, Free Geek Michiana (has not applied for preliminary status) and Free Geek Chicago (has applied)
  • Chris Hardy from Olympia

Friday, Welcome to Free Geek

Shawn, Richard, Matteo, Michael

  • Tour at 6 pm, along with regular folks -- Matthew has volunteered to be the tour guide,
  • After the tour, startup folks go to Meeting Room, volunteers to Front Desk
  • In Meeting Room
    • History
    • Structure of Free Geek
    • General Q & A
    • What are you expecting to get from the rest of the weekend here?
    • Develop a plan for each person
  • Beer (Shawn will find the right venue, Lab, Acme, Roots, Rose & Raindrop, Barley Mill)


9:30 am - 10.45 -- Franchising and the Free Geek Intergalactic Organization

Richard (facilitate), Shawn (late), Matteo, Michael?, Nathan (scribe)

  • Overview of Franchise Process (presentation with Q & A)
    • caveat -- lawyer may want to tweak
  • Mission of Free Geek Intergalactic (open conversation)
  • Structure (open conversation)
  • Need a minutes checker
  • Next Steps

Following the morning meeting, folks are encouraged to shadow folks working regular shifts at Free Geek and learn how we operate. We will try to make as many staff and core group volunteers available to the out of towners as possible.


Nathan can take Scott to airport around 6 pm.