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LCD TV testing is like LCD monitor testing, plus a few things:

  • LCD TVs several types of ports, including component video, S-video, composite, HDMI, DVI/HD-15, and coaxial
  • LCD TVs usually have speakers
  • LCD TVs have remote controls

You'll be testing extra ports and such, so steel yourself for the task at hand, and look to the horizon for what the future may bring.

How to test

To begin:

  • Inspect the screen for cracks and such. If it's broken, we can't repair it and should be recycled.
  • Plug it in and turn it on
    • If it won't turn on, set it aside for repair
  • Can you get it to display a picture using either a DVI or HD-15 port? If so, use it for the time being
    • HD-15/DVI port not working? Try another set of video ports. Still not working? Ask for help. Help didn't work? Set it aside for repair.
  • Once you have it fired up, label the LCD TV with the time and date the test was started
  • Leave the screen on for at least 6 hours

Once the screen has been on for a while:

  • Use the LCD TV tester (currently a DVD player) to test any non-monitor ports found on the unit:
    • component video (red, green, blue RCA connectors)
    • composite (red, white, yellow RCA connectors)
    • audio (red, white RCA connectors)
    • S-video (4-pin connector similar to PS/2)
    • coaxial
  • Test for audio while switching through the different connectors
  • If it came with a remote control, pop in tested batteries

If a port doesn't work, it's okay. Make a note of it and remember to label it on the TV once you're done testing.

If a LCD TV has a HDMI connector, ignore it for the time being. The next revision of the LCD tester will be able to test HDMI adequately. Until then, though, leave it be.

Once all ports are tested:

  • Fill out a "Tested by ____" sticker, label non-working ports on the front of the TV, and move it into the Store Incoming area.
  • If the TV you are testing FAILS put a note stating FAILED and place on the bottom of the BULK SALES shelf next to the test area.

Easy peasy!