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The laminator is located on the office gadgets work table outside the monkeyhouse.

Instructions by the illustrious Brittany:

  1. Press the "On" button (it's round).
  2. Go and do something else, because it has to warm up.
  3. Come back when you remember that you were supposed to laminate something.
  4. Press the button that looks like a laminating sheet (it's labeled, "Press me! I work!" or something like that).
  5. Place your paper in between a laminating sheet. No need to use any other sort of backing; it will just go through!
  6. Put the thing through the thing (you know what I mean). Look at the little pictures to see which way it goes / what you're not supposed to do.
  7. I think that's it.
  8. If you need to cut your newly-laminated object out, leave at least a 1/8" to 1/4" between the edge of the paper and where you're cutting, otherwise it'll just fall right out.
  9. That's really it.

This page could also use: The model of the laminator (in case we get a new one and the instructions go out of date) and the kind of laminate sheets it requires.