Laptop BIOS Passwords

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Courtesy of the stellar HP/Compaq laptops crew, here is a step-by-step procedure for overcoming BIOS passwords in certain HP laptops (nc series). All steps must be done in this exact sequence.

  1. Unplug AC adapter. Take out main battery.
  2. Remove or unplug CMOS battery.
  3. Plug in AC adapter (both batteries are still removed). Computer should boot automatically, if not use power button.
  4. Machine will boot and show "162 - error msg 'systems options not set'" Use F1 to save settings. (In some cases, this message doesn't appear and instead the screen just goes blank.)
  5. Shut down computer and disconnect AC adapter.
  6. Reconnect CMOS battery.
  7. Install battery pack.
  8. Restart computer. All settings are back to factory standards, so update BIOS settings as necessary.

BIOS password removal for HP Compaq 6910p

We have a lot of 6910p laptops that can't be wiped using the above procedure. To remove the BIOS password on this particular model:

  1. Unplug AC adapter
  2. Remove main battery
  3. Remove keyboard and unplug CMOS battery
  4. While both batteries are removed, hold down the laptop's power button for a few seconds, then release
  5. Let the laptop sit for a minute or two
  6. Reconnect CMOS battery
  7. Plug in AC adapter
  8. Restart computer and try to get into BIOS. The password should now be clear and BIOS settings should be set to factory defaults.
  9. Install main battery pack