Legacy Evaluation Overview

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Systems listed on the JOBS LIST WHITE BOARD are keepers. The others will be recycled.

(What qualifies as a keeper changes frequently, so check the JOBS LIST WHITE BOARD to see what the rules are today.)

Processing KEEPERS

  1. What kind of job is it?
    • If it's a low end job (not a normal job -- see above), remove hard drive
      • Power up the system and ensure it POSTs. (It will likely fail to boot since there's no hard drive.)
    • If it's a normal job (not a low end job -- see above), replace hard drive(s) with a single, pre-wiped 6-8 gig drive
      • pre-wiped 6-8 gig drives can be gotten from a build instructor from the TARDIS
      • Power up the system and ensure it recognizes the hard drive during startup
  2. Quickly place pulled hard drives into storage
    • Storage for pulled hard drives is located between System Eval 1 and System Eval 2
  3. Things to remove from keeper systems:
    • All non-proprietary cards (AGP, PCI, ISA, etc) except the video card
    • All loose cables
    • All CD-RW and DVD drives
  4. Fill out a KEEPER LABEL processor type and speed (i.e. "K6/2 300" or "486 33", etc.)
    • (See instructions in Eval 2 for details.)


  • Amiga
  • Apple, etc:
    • Mac
    • Radius
    • PowerPC
    • PowerComputing
  • Commodore
  • DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation)
  • Sun
  • Silicon Graphics (SGI)
    • Indy (they're blue)