Limits on Vacation Accrual

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This old policy has been superseded by Staff Vacation Policies.

Policy wording

Since we can't find the actual text, here's a shot at wording that reflects what I think we decided on:

Limits on vacation accrual

  • Staff members earning vacation time must take that vacation within two calendar years of having earned it.
  • Unused vacation time that exceeds that limit is lost to the staff member.

Payment to exiting staff members

  • If a staff member is owed vacation time when he or she resigns, is laid off, or is otherwise terminated the amount of vacation time owed shall be calculated and reported to the staff member.
  • Free Geek may take up to 12 weeks after a staff person's last working day to pay for any vacation money owed.

Goals to allow Free Geek to follow this policy

  • The Free Geek staff has a goal of building up a pool of reserve money that will allow Free Geek to pay for all vacation time accrued when staff members leave, taking into account a reasonable rate of staff turnover.
  • The Free Geek staff has a goal of increasing the amount of money available for the hiring of substitutes to cover staff vacation in an effort to encourage staff members to take vacation hours (and thereby limit the likelihood of staff members being owed money when they decide to leave).