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Door locks

E key lock

  • South-most door on 10th (near meeting room) from sidewalk - near alarm keypad

F key locks

  • Warehouse, person-sized door from parking lot (next to large garage-door)
  • Hardware Donations (double door) from sidewalk
  • Front Desk (double door) from sidewalk
  • Thrift Store (double door) from OUTSIDE ONLY
  • South-most door on 10th (near meeting room) from sidewalk

Note: F keys open E door

I key locks

  • A/V Room Door
  • Build Area Small Cabinet (frmrly in TARDIS) Padlock
  • Build Area Rolling Cabinet Door
  • Donor Desk Door
  • Laptop Tank #1 Door - large one near Classroom
  • Laptop Tank #2 Door - smaller one in corner near double bathrooms
  • Laptop Grants Cabinet Padlock - long shackle
  • Laptop Server Cabinet padlock
  • Mac Laptop Lockup Padlock - formerly a server rack
  • Mac Wall Cabinet Padlock - on south wall near SW corner
  • Monkeyhouse Door
  • New Office Space - next to large kitchen
  • Secure Data Area Door #1 - next to Receiving
  • Secure Data Area Door #2 - next to Warehouse
  • Server Closet Door - next to small kitchen
  • Server Room Door #1 - next to Build
  • Server Room Door #2 - next to door #1
  • South Dock Rollup Door Padlock - near floor on right side
  • Steel Dumpster Padlocks - 2 of them
  • TARDIS Door - secure storage hear Hardware Test --no longer in use --Darryl 01:16, 11 April 2013 (UTC)
  • Tech Support Door
  • Tech Support Laptop Cabinet Padlock
  • Thrift Store Door - from hallway near meeting room - DEADBOLT AND KNOB
  • Thrift Store Storage Room Door - from main hallway
  • Warehouse/Pre-Build door - key required from warehouse side

Note: I keys open S and T doors

=== S key locks === --S key locks are now I key only.-- --Darryl (talk) 08:44, 28 January 2014 (PST)

  • Tech Support
  • Tech Support Padlock (formerly a server rack, now is a secure storage cabinet)

T key locks

--T key locks are now I key only.-- --Darryl (talk) 08:36, 28 January 2014 (PST)

  • TARDIS door --no longer in use.--Darryl 01:16, 11 April 2013 (UTC)
  • Laptop Storage Cabinet (Hardware Grants accesses this storage)
  • Monkeyhouse closet (to be used for cell ph/camera/etc secure storage)

Other Locks

Bathroom locks

  • For "In Use" / "Available" Indicator locks - emergency keys are in the safe (they're all the same)

Bike locks

  • For sharing with volunteers that forgot their own lock

Electrical Utility locks

  • PGE power switches (just west of large garage door). There are five of these that are ours. One that belongs to upstairs.
    • The first four (left to right) are keyed to key P-A.
    • The fifth one is keyed to key P-B.

Note: The lock on the far right where theres a black square on the lid seems to be the emergency "shut down all power" switch. -Darryl 6/2010

Filing Cabinet lock

  • P key for filing cabinet containing Private / Confidential Info


  • Ignition key
  • Forklift supplies in cabinet on wall near warehouse roll-up door

Safe locks

  • Escape Hatch (2 safes)

Store Cabinet

  • Tall Gray Cabinet in back room
  • Laptop locks (seeking 3 locks that use same key)

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