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Free Geek offers a multitude of mailing lists that anyone can subscribe to which serve to update the public on whatever the list is about!

Here is the link to subscribe and view info on the lists:


  • To add people directly, go [[ | here]]. General list management is at
  • Add people by "membership management" > "mass subscription" > enter the name(s) in the blank box then press "submit your changes."


Email will be held for moderation if:

  • you are not a member of the list
  • you have attached a file that is too large (size?)

Your message will be sent through when a list moderator can get to it. If you have a message requiring immediate action you can:

  • send the message through someone who is a member of that list
  • talk to relevant parties face-to-face or by phone
  • Ask a list moderator to moderate your message through.