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Coffee is one of the most important and appreciated volunteer rewards we provide. We strive to have hot coffee available throughout the day. We stop making coffee between 4-5 PM based on demand (higher in cold months). The coffee maker must cool and be cleaned before leaving at the end of the day. Start making the AM coffee no later than 10:30 AM. Here's how:

Running the "Silver Spaceship-like" (bigger) Coffee Maker

  1. Whole bean coffee & the grinder (silver & white) is located in the volunteer desk filing cabinet, drawer 2nd from bottom.
  2. Take the coffee and grinder to the coffee house.
  3. Grab the Silver Spaceship-like Coffee Maker and walk it to the big kitchen.
  4. At the big sink, fill the Silver Spaceship-like Coffee Maker with fresh, COLD water to just below the 60 cup line. (If you put more water than the recommended dose the machine will bubble over onto the counter.)
  5. Bring the filled coffee maker back to the coffee house. Lift carefully.
  6. Fill the silver & white coffee grinder up to the silver lining & grind the beans.
  7. Pour the ground coffee into the silver brew basket. Do this FIVE times total for brewing 60 cups of coffee.
  8. Place the cover plate over the ground coffee.
  9. Place the stem into the hole in the bottom of the urn.
  10. Place the brew Basket on the stem.
  11. Securely place the lid on the Silver Spaceship-like Coffee Maker.
  12. Plug the coffee maker into the power source.
  13. In about an hour you will have some damn fine Mediocre Church Lady Coffee:)
  14. The coffee is done when the row of green lights is on.

Running the "Old School" (smaller) Coffee Maker

  1. Now it's time to prep the second urn. The plastic urn from the fifties.
  2. Remove basket & stem
  3. Fill urn with COLD water to 42 cup line inside (If you overfill you will have overflow!)

If you are making a second pot, you must run COLD WATER into the pot until it is cold. The thermostat must be cold to reset, or the second pot won't start.

  1. Place stem into hole in bottom of urn
  2. Fill the silver & white coffee grinder up to the silver lining & grind the beans. Do this 3.5 times total when brewing 42 cups.
  3. Spread grounds evenly in basket
  4. Place basket carefully on the TOP of the stem. None can fall into stem!
  5. Twist & lock lid onto urn - see arrows on lid.
  6. Plug in & wait - approx. 40 minutes until done
  7. CAREFULLY remove basket (HOT!!) when done percolating to prevent bitter flavor.
  8. Replace & secure lid.

Cleaning the Coffee Makers Daily

  • Clean both urns & all parts with soap & water at the end of every work day.
  • Rinse thoroughly and return all parts to the coffee house to dry.

Deep Cleaning the Coffee Makers Bi-monthly

  • Clean with vinegar & water mixture every 2 weeks.
  • Fill machines with cold water and white vinegar as if making a pot of coffee (ratio 1:1).
  • Plug in and let run.
  • Unplug, let cool, dump, rinse, return to coffee house.


  • DO NOT move urn when full, hot or in use.