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This proposal is designed to address overtime liability issues by providing a cushion (or "headroom") between the number of hours per week a collective member is scheduled to work and what their salary is based on. This was agreed to by the staff collective on July 31, 2009.

(This is pending board inclusion in the budget.)

  • Staff collective members are considered salaried workers.
  • Our scheduled hours are based on a "floor" number, which is our (current) hours (37 for the full timers).
  • Our salary will be based on "ceiling" number (40/37 times the floor, rounded off).
  • It is OK to work any number of hours between the floor and ceiling hours.
  • Overtime hours must be authorized by the HR committee.
  • Overtime hours will be considered anything over our ceiling number.
  • Authorized overtime will be paid at time and a half of the regular salary.
  • Unauthorized overtime is paid at time and a half only when legally required to do so.
  • Unauthorized overtime carries a penalty of 2 hours of unpaid leave for each unauthorized hour worked.

Floor and ceiling schedule

Current salary will be based on the standard hourly rate per hour multiplied by the ceiling number. Scheduled floor shifts should allow for administrative time and not exceed the floor number.

ceiling   floor
-------   -----
13        12
24        22
25        23
26        24
27        25
28        26
29        27
30        28
31        29
32        30
33        31
34        31
35        32
36        33
37        34
38        35
39        36
40        37