Overview of Monthly Facility Inspection

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Personal Protective Equipment OK Deficiencies Noted Action Taken
Proper Gloves for type of work
Eye protection
Hearing Protection (if required)
Dustmask (if required)

Housekeeping OK Deficiencies Noted Action Taken
Floors clean, dry, free of defects, spills/puddles
Aisles are clear of material
Stairs are clear of debris and in good repair
Permanent ladders are firmly attached and in good condition
Supply storage areas are neat and orderly
All doors function and lock properly
All exits and way of exits access are kept clear of debris
Cleaning supplies are readily available
Trash containers sufficient in number and not overflowing
Ladders stored properly when not in use & in good repair
Electrical panels kept closed and free of dirt and debris
Central Vacuum Filter cleared of large debris, drum emptied as necessary

Electrical Safety OK Deficiencies Noted Action Taken
Permanent wiring, boxes, switches, outlets, and lights are secure and free from defects
Clear working space in front of electrical panels/breaker boxes are maintained at no less than 36 inches deep and 30 inches wide.
Wiring for extension cords, portable lights, and tools are free of cuts, kinks, wear – used properly and plugs intact.
Ground pins on electrical cords are in place, functional.
Temporary wiring (extension cords) is not used in place of permanent wiring.
Lighting is sufficient for all working areas and around service equipment, switchboards, and panel-boards.
Electrical circuit breakers are identified and labeled.

Fire Protection OK Deficiencies Noted Action Taken
Exits are properly marked. ‘No Exits’ are marked. Properly lighted
Exits and aisles leading to exits are visible, clearly marked, kept clean and with a pathway at least 36” wide
Portable fire extinguishers are kept at their designated places at all times (accessible, mounted, charged, pinned, and sealed)

General Safety OK Deficiencies Noted Action Taken
Rest rooms are clean and sanitary
Hand soap, warm water, and hand towels or other means of drying hands are available
Lunchrooms/break rooms are kept clean
First Aid supplies are available and maintained. No items are expired
Eyewash stations are clean, operable, and accessible
Regulatory postings are up
OSHA 300 Log (injury log) is up to date.
Overhead doors and controls are in good working order
Ventilation system is functioning properly.
Lighting is adequate inside and outside the building