Most awesome vegan chocolate pie

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  • chocolate
  • soft silken tofu
  • maple syrup (to taste)
  • coconut fat (optional)
  • Pie crust (optional)


  • Blender
  • Long wooden spoon for blender
  • Double boiler

The two main ingredients for this are: Chocolate and silken tofu For a very rich, almost fudgey texture, I believe I used 12-13oz choc:16oz tofu (1 tub). For a more moussey, fluffier texture, use aound 10oz choc:1 tub of tofu. A "tub" is defined as the standard plastic tubs.. I believe it is 16oz. Not the Mori-nu cardboard boxes. NEVER substitute regular tofu for silken tofu.

If you are doing a vegan pie, make certain your chocolate is vegan. I would not suggest using unsweetened chocolate as for some reason I've never made it come out properly that way. YMMV. If you are putting it in a pre-fab crust, make sure the crust is vegan... alot of the keebler products are. Read it 3 times. :)

Melt your chocolate over a double boiler, NOT the microwave. Do not allow the water under your boiler to boil as this will burn the chocolate and it won't taste the same, though you can still eat your mistake.

In a blender, blend up the tofu til it is smooth and creamy. Pour in the melted chocolate. Blend til mixed... it will be very thick and will need stirring to help your blender deal with it. Never turn your blender on with the spoon still inside. I have a wooden spoon that paid dearly for this mistake, twice. It's now been put out to pasture. You may add some maple syrup to taste. You may add a bit of coconut fat to make the chocolate a little denser and richer, more fudgy and less moussey, though mostly you control this with the chocolate.

Consistency will firm up a bit once set in the fridge for a couple hours. More time for a deep pan, a couple hours for a pie pan. The fudgy pie was the consistency of not-quite-set pudding when I put it in, so do not fear if your mousse looks liquidy upon fridge entry.

While you can put in a bit of cocoa powder, it will TASTE like cocoa *powder* which may or may not be desired.

This is a good treat for folks who are tofu/vegan-phobic. People just can't believe there is tofu in there.