Network Troubleshooting

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Contains information pertaining to troubleshooting networking errors, specifically over the phone.

Common Problems

  1. Ensure that cables are properly connected. Especially power and RJ-45 (Ethernet) cables.
  2. Check the lights! Ask the customer to verify the color and condition of lights. Green generally is good, amber meh and red = very bad. Blinking lights are also something to note.

Over The Phone Troubleshooting

Unless the user has a specific complaint generally the sequence is

Physical (cables etc) -> Software (Firefox) -> Hardware Settings (Network Tools)


  1. Ensure that all cables are properly connected.
  2. Reboot their modem/router and their computer.
  3. Check the lights on the Network Card in the computer and on the modem/router.

Web Browser

  1. Un-check "Work Offline" checked under File -> Work Offline.
  2. Attempt to connect to a website, i.e.


  1. Network Tools live in System -> Admin -> Network Tools
  2. Gather network information from "Devices", select the "Ethernet Interface" if they are running a hardline, or "Wireless Interface" if they're on wi-fi. Record their IPv4 address and Netmask.
  3. Under "Netstat" select "Routing Table Information" and click on the "Netstat" button. Record the information.
  4. Go to the "Ping" tab and attempt to ping their IP address and their default gateway. Also attempt to ping outside their network ( is an easy one to remember).
  5. For "Traceroute" enter any website "" to determine if they can connect to outside websites.