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What are they?

Donations that could sell for big bucks on Ebay - old technology that has historical value and/or is of interest to collectors or New in the package.

What to look for

Online Sales chart

  • Brand names:
    • Electronics
      • Tektronix
      • Canon
      • Nikon
    • Graphing calculators
      • Texas Instruments
      • Hewlett Packard, HP
    • Stereo equipment
      • JBL/Signature Sound
      • Heathkit
      • Bose
      • Sony
      • Advent Speakers
      • Dynakit
    • Keyboards
      • Omnikey
      • Kinesis
      • North Gate
  • Keep an eye out for donors bringing in large donations from a deceased relative

What to do when and Online Sales item is found?

  • Keep in original packaging and shrink wrap
  • Direct any and all questions to Santiago if unsure
  • Put in “?” Box if in doubt (and ask Santiago about it later)

NPA's are encouraged to look at our online sales account on Ebay at Freegeek_portland to get an idea of what kind of items we sell.