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Planning Meeting - June 7, 2005


David Pool, News 4 Neighbors

Marie Deatherage, Meyer Memorial Trust

Chris Kveton, OSL

Deb Bryant, OSU OSL

Oso Martin, Free Geek

Katrin, Aspiration (via Skype)

Katrin and Gunner with Aspiration, running all the Penguin days, with funding from IBM. Marie met with Katrin in Boston, talked about combining Penguin Day with OSCON this year. Katrin and Gunner facilitated last years Penguin Day that was held at Free Geek.

Date: Move to October 15, possibly in conjunction with Oktober Freek fundraiser (need to change date) and Government agencies conf. (PubSecCon) planned for October 13, 14th at PSU.

Promote event at OSCON (August) and OSL Government Conf.


  • FREE GEEK - could be too small this year.
  • University Place - cost unknown, but thought to be affordable. Some sort of special deal through PSU.

Possible to have Penguin Day at PSU then bring them to FG for a reception, then leads into Oktober Freek event.


  • PubSecCon

Day One: General tracks, good for non-profits, education, bring folks upto speed.

Day Two: Breakout tracks, develop ideas for OS projects.

  • Penguin Day - 9:00am to 4:30pm

open format, spectrum, moring breakout sessions, lunch (networking. BOFF), speed geeking, afternoon breakout sessions, wrap up.

Need facilitators - local or from stake holder orgs.

Penguin Day Wiki at

Katrin to check on IBM funds. Will send a sample budget. Sample agenda and other contact info.

Aspiration can handle the online registration.

  • Reception - 5:30pm to 7pm

Free food and drinks for Penguin Day attendees - early evening.

  • Oktober Freek Fundraiser 7pm to 1am

Beer festival - guest speaker or movie (Revolution OS?)

Not a free event, but perhaps discounts or special deals for PD attendees.

NOTE: Agenda design is really important, to make all these different themes all work together.