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Current phone administration documentation can be found on the SecureWiki.

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Sean E
Mark K
Useful pages
Changing the Phone Greetings
Phone System Howto
Phone Extension List

If someone switches offices

This is not a technical recipe of how to do the stuff, just an outline of steps that need to happen. Also, it will likely need work.

Assuming that both phones are regular digital phones:

  • Someone needs to identify which connections need to be re-punched in the server room and do it.
  • Some programming needs to be done
  • Update the Phone Extension List since location, name, etc. will have changed

Assuming someone switches from a digital to an IP phone, one way to proceed is:

  • Reprogram the IP phone for the person's extension and voice mail box
  • Remember to change the identity of the digital phone, removing the person's name from that extension and voice mail box.
  • Since the extension is changed:
    • Paper extension lists will need to be corrected and/or reprinted.
    • Update the Phone Extension List with the new extension, name, etc.