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Free Geek does pickups on a limited basis. Also referred to as Offsite Donations.

How people can request pickups

People contact Free Geek with questions about pickups in lots of different ways (email, phone, in person, etc). When people are interested in learning more about pickups, they should send an email with specifics about the equipment to be picked up to pickups (at) freegeek (dot) org . Look at Pickups Intake for more details as to what info should be provided when they send their email.


When: Every Thursday and some Fridays. Typically between the hours of 9am and 2pm.

Driver: Austin Crouch

Equipment for Pickups:

The driver should ask donors whether they will require a pallet jack or not. If so, use one of the jacks located in the warehouse.

Other items to bring include:

  • Wheeled carts (one for each person on the pickup)
  • Hand truck (for systems)
  • Gloves
  • Tally slips
  • Uncovered stickers (normally located in the glove box or the metal binder in the cab)
  • Pencil
  • Log Book for recording miles, business purpose, staff members involved, and any money spent on fuel or other truck needs

When leaving Free Geek in the colder months, the truck needs 5-10 minutes to warm up properly, and then it's good to go. If warming up the truck, close the warehouse doors so the exhaust does not move into the building.

Special Instructions

  • There is a lot of lifting involved, so be sure to use proper lifting procedure to avoid injury.
  • Take breaks when needed to avoid injuries.
  • Try to arrange the truck for easy loading and access to any items that may need stickers or tallying.
  • Try to do any tallying before returning to Free Geek, or before unloading.
  • Call and notify Receiving/Sorting/Recycling with 5-10 minutes notice of your arrival, if special help is needed.

When returning to Free Geek, back up near the roll up warehouse door for unloading. Volunteers and staff in the Sorting area will be there to help. If pallets or large items needing forklifting are on the truck, leave enough room for the Forklift to maneuver between the roll up door and the back of the truck.

Lift Gate Operation

See Lift Gate Operationi

Staff Schedule

At present, a Receiving staff-member is scheduled to accompany the driver for Thursday pickups, also known as Offsite Donations on the staff schedule. The Receiving area should be double-staffed on these mornings to both provide extra coverage to the area and help with organizing and coordinating volunteers in the loading and unloading of the truck.

In the event that a Friday pickup (or other day) is scheduled, and it appears there will be more items than one staff member (in this case the driver) can safely or realistically load themselves, please notify the schedule coordinator.