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This page describes using the Podcast in a Box appliance.

Where: it is currently sitting next to the audio gear in the main public room. The IP address of the box is, though this might change. You can listen to whatever audio is coming into the box by visiting the Live Stream. This link only works from inside the FreeGeek network.

How: If you want to create a podcast with this appliance, please read Podcast Production

What: an extremely simple to use podcasting appliance. You simply grab the wireless microphone, put it on your lapel, and then plug in a USB thumbdrive to start and stop the appliance. Once the appliance has created the MP3 file, it uploads it to the PodASP site and automatically publishes it into the FreeGeek Podcast Site. Or, anyone with a user account on the system can publish it as a podcast into their own podcasting site, like PDX.rb.

Who: various user groups have published podcasts with this appliance. PDX.rb Portland Ruby Brigade, PDX.pm Portland Perl Mongers, and hopefully the others like PDX.PHP and more very soon.

When: whenever you need to do an event, just ask Martin for the wireless microphone. Right now there is no reservation process, first come, first served, though we reserve the right to implement this later.

Why: this makes podcasting really, really simple. You might think, well, I can do this same thing with a laptop. What if you break your laptop, or you forget your audio gear? This makes it a permanent resource for you and all others to use. Production is actually most of the work when creating podcasts, and this simplifies the production process as much as possible.

Contact Chris Dawson if you have questions or issues.