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OUT OF DATE: Please do not try to put all policies here. See Policy Development

This page is no longer needed. Instead make sure you categorize all policy pages properly. You may see a list of all policies by looking at the category page.

This is Free Geeks policy repository. Ideally when a proposal is made, a policy agreed upon, or an old policy unearthed, it should go here. Several Free Geek policies are currently buried in old meeting minutes, or completely unrecorded. Feel free to scour old minutes by browsing the archives of the various email lists at http://lists.freegeek.org/listinfo/ and posting newly discovered policies below.

Please find an appropriate section below and post agreed upon policies here along with an indication of when they went into effect and a link to the minutes or email containing the final wording of the policy. Please see Policy Development for pointers on how to do this.