Policy and Structure Class

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In this class you will learn about Free Geek Policy and Structure and perhaps document some of it your self.

  1. Describe Free Geek Structure.
  2. Describe how policies are made (with a bit of history).
  3. Explain the wiki format of the policy pages.
  4. Show tricks for searching the mailing lists.
  5. Research policy decisions and create pages or edit existing ones.
    • We can create the documentation we read and refer to. We should try and make things easyer to follow than we found them.
  6. Does every one have wiki logons?
    • Give short explanations of tabs, sidebar, categories.
    • Searching and how it works.
    • Page elements (wiki markup).
  7. Jumping in and make documentation exersize:
    • To create a new page:
      • Create a "red link" so we can create a page.
      • Cut and past into the new page a basic page layout.
      • Fill our the page with your info (what's the difference between "Save page" and "Show preview"?)
      • Have every one check out history, and explain why comments are a good thing.
    • To edit an existing page.
      • Look thorugh the pages that have been created to find one that isn't in the proper format.
      • Adjust the page to make it more like the others.