Postbuild Policy

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Volunteers are welcome to apply for participation in Post Build areas granting they fulfill the following:

  1. Read through the Post-Build wiki page,
  2. Fill out a Post Build application and turn it in to a Reuse Staff person,
  3. Acquire a volunteer Build Instructor's recommendation.


Volunteers can be permitted to work in a Post Build area permitted they:

  1. Successfully complete or test out of the Command Line for Builders class,
  2. Successfully assemble five boxes in the Build program,
    • A box is successfully assembled only after it has been signed off and recorded by a Build Instructor.
  3. Are approved by the Post Build area Coordinator.


Volunteers may be denied admittance to a Post Build area for the following reasons:

  1. They demonstrate behavior that is not aligned with the stated objectives of Free Geek and the Post Build area,
  2. They fail to demonstrate an acceptable level of technical aptitude for the Post Build area applied for,
  3. The Post Build area is not currently accepting new volunteers.

Reasons 1. and 2. under Denial are designed for the purpose of illustrating areas in which a Post Build Applicant may improve their technical skills and/or adjust their behavior to better align with the objectives of the Post Build program. The Post Build program is designed for volunteers who are willing to make an extended committment to Free Geek and its mission. Admittance to Post Build is a privilege, rather than a right, lent to experienced and interested Build volunteers.