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left Represents an ability to perform basic customer service, sales and cash-handling functions.

Once the cadet has fully completed the Rubber Band Ball, it's time to move on the this.

The Badges

Price Gun badges, to be printed in color on Avery 5963.

Affix badges to the Pricing Gun Progress Sheet, which should be printed in black and white.

NB: Both of these files will print supplies for two trainings, just to save paper.

The Guide

This is only for the trainers. We're trying out a boring old .txt version of the Teacher's Guide

And once they've made it through, don't forget to have them recite the oath before awarding the actual Pricing Gun Badge!

The Pricing Gun Oath
"I understand my primary role in the Thrift Store is to assist customers by maintaining a neat stock of accurately priced goods, and by assisting them in finding what they need. I accept the fact that the customers' satisfaction is more important than my own, even when they are being big jerk-faces. When I feel like smothering a customer, I will do so only with kindness. I will be fully engaged, present and polite while I am on the floor. I will say "no" when needed, and I will do it in such a way the customer understands why."

Next Steps

This is as far as we expect to train volunteer interns in the course of their time with us. If an intern wants to continue on for a longer stretch of time, I suppose there's no reason not to start them on the next level (once it exists!). The original idea was to reserve anything beyond this for staff, but that doesn't mean we can't bend the rules.