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Laser Printer Parting out:

  • toner/fuser/ram/mainboard/tray(s)/drawers

Printers marked with an X are deemed not worth fixing.

Printer Parts

If it is good, place it in storage with equipment from the same model. If we don't have the printer model listed that it came from, but it looks like the same type as something we are keeping, add this model to the list and store it with them. If it is different than other equipment we are storing, find out if we want to keep it. If we want to keep it, make a new area for the equipment and start a new model list with the model printer it came from.

Laser Printer Toner

Remove Toner and store it per Printer Parts. If there is an area for this type of toner, see if it feels lighter than other toner we have. Toner that is really light is probably empty and we won't keep it. Toner we are not keeping gets placed in the bin for refills.

Laser Printer Fuser

Remove Fuser and store it per Printer Parts. If it has badly worn or missing teeth on the drive gear then it gets recycled. If it has a good drive gear we will probably keep it.

RAM modules

Remove any RAM modules. RAM that is the same type as what PCs use can be sent to advanced testing. This will include PC100, PC133, PC2100, etc. 72 Pin SIMMS for now are kept in a box marked with printer models they came from/work with. We will/should impliment some sort of testing for these. The yellow box has unique RAM in it, if it looks unfamiliar check to see if it's like something in there or put it in an empty spot in the box. If one of the sticks is marked Postscript or marked with some other sort of font designation make sure it gets stored separate from the normal modules.

Mainboard Modules

If it can be easily pulled, remove the Mainboard and store per Printer Parts. If the printer was evaluated to have a bad mainboard, recycle it.

Paper Tray/Add on Paper Drawer

Pull the paper tray and store per Printer Parts. If it has an additional paper feed drawer that is removable pull it and store per Printer Parts.

PF Kit

The PF kit consists of the springy tab in the paper tray and the roller underneath the printer that makes contact with it. If the roller is easy to remove and the rubber doesn't look badly work, pull and store it per Printer Parts.