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May 5, 2006

In Attendance

Mark B., Seamus (facilitating), Dave, Rick, Liane, Matteo, laurel (scribing)

Providence report

News from staff: Providence Northwest is considering making us their recycler for regional operations. This would roughly double the number of systems coming in on a regular basis. This would seriously impact our operations. Providence may be willing to help us financially; this could lead to more similar relationships and a much more professional recycling operation. They are also willing to gradually ramp up their donations. Most of the computers they'd give us would be high-grade.

Some ways this could impact us: we'd need more warehouse space, more staff, we'd be able to give out P4s, we'd need to update our processes, we might have to be open more, we'd need more volunteers. We'd have to find more ways to get the computers out into the community.

Staff is considering whether they think it would be feasible to deal with this change. Providence is still considering whether we're their choice. (Laurel:) Does this change this committee's recommendation to Council? (Rick:) It doesn't change what we proposed last week, but we'll have a whole new set of needs and urgencies if/when it does happen. We'll need more details and figures to make plans for that eventuality.

Grantwriting priorities

One thing that the Providence relationship would clearly influence would be the priority of the baler. Even if we get a lot more space, the baler will be very useful. Of course, anything that increases our flow of material will make this more important - things like, say, time.

The forklift is another high priority, since despite repairs the one we have isn't entirely reliable. Hyster is looking for a forklift to give us, so one may magically appear. A vehicle would be another expensive, grantable investment.

(Seamus:) I'd order these priorities forklift (necessary for daily operations), baler (an investment), vehicle. (matteo:) We should add restructuring the building, especially if we end up with greater inflow of stuff. (Rick:) We'd need to hear from the space issues committee to find out what's possible or needed before we think about grantwriting for it.

PROPOSAL: We recommend to grants that our grantwriting priorities should be
  1. a forklift, if we can't get it from Hyster (check with those involved);
  2. a baler;
  3. a vehicle.


Things to consider which would influence our priorities, potentially profoundly.

  • What are the recommendations of the space rearrangement group?
  • How might the relationship with Whiz to Coho develop?
  • How might the relationship with Providence change?

Note to the next committee

We still think an Education Coordinator is important - crucial for the mission. But as long as floor shifts are not covered, the education coordinator will not be effective.

Committee disband!


  • Seamus will report to the next council meeting.
  • Laurel will communicate our recommendation to the funding group.