RCBC - BC Computer Reuse Organization Pledge of Stewardship

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BC Computer Reuse Organization Pledge of Stewardship

We, the signing and registered BC computer reuse organization, agree to uphold the following:

1. We will not allow any residual computer waste that is not suitable for reuse to be sent to solid waste, landfills or incinerators for disposal or energy recovery, either directly or through intermediaries.

2. We commit to ensuring that unusable electronics will be directed for safe environmentally responsible recycling through the approved provincially mandated e-waste stewardship program.

3. Consistent with decisions of the international Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, we will not allow the export of electronics that are not suitable for reuse in Canada * to be exported to developing countries either directly or through intermediaries.

4. We respect the privacy and security of donors by using the RCMP’s DSX (or third-party equivalent) disk-wipe software to remove all information from the hard drive, and will then reload the operating system.

5. We assure that we have a certified, or otherwise comprehensive and comparable “environmental management system” in place and our operation meets best practices.

6. We agree to provide ESBC with details as to the number of whole units collected as well as the number of whole units donated or sold on an annual basis. We will also document and report the number of whole units and the volume of components, by weight, diverted for recycling through the BC stewardship program.

7. We agree to adhere to environmentally responsible operating methods as well as municipal and provincial bylaws and regulations. We will ensure that any unregulated wastes will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner in line with the spirit of the Recycling Regulation. We will provide liability insurance for accidents and incidents involving wastes under our control and ownership.

8. We will ensure due diligence throughout the period that the product is in our procession with a transparent and documented record of the chain of possession from acquisition to dispensation.

9. We agree to support BC’s regulated Electronics Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program by streaming residual E-waste to the program for disposal, providing information and data to assist in program monitoring and evaluation, providing feedback to improve program performance and cooperating with program stakeholders.

10. We further agree to support design for environment and toxics use reduction programs by providing feedback to manufacturers and/or brandowners on ease of disassembly and refurbishment.

  • See standards for electronics reuse in the RCBC Electronics Residual Lifespan Criteria.