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When creating a queue in RT, one must assign permissions to the users who should be able to access the queue. This is generally best done by giving Group Rights. The following are the standard (non-admin) rights given to the group (e.g. FGCore, FGStaff, Coders, ASS). Generally these rights would only be given to one group.

  1. CommentOnTicket
  2. CreateTicket
  3. ModifyTicket
  4. OwnTicket
  5. ReplyToTicket
  6. SeeQueue
  7. ShowACL
  8. ShowTicket
  9. ShowTicketComments
  10. StealTicket
  11. TakeTicket
  12. Watch
  13. WatchAsAdminCc

The special group Everyone should generally be given the following rights (so that they can send and receive email to RT regarding the ticket)

  1. CommentOnTicket
  2. CreateTicket
  3. ReplyToTicket
  4. DO NOT EVER give them any of the following: OwnTicket, StealTicket, TakeTicket (If you do need to use these, then use the Privileged group instead. There is no reason for somebody without an RT account to own a ticket and allowing ownership of tickets by unprivileged users requires the query builder to load the entire list of users who have ever sent mail to RT, drastically slowing it down.)