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If you are working in Receiving, please check the Staff FYI Clipboard whenever you start your shift.

What is a "Staff FYI"?

Brittany noticed that we needed a better, more immediate way to update EVERYONE who works in receiving WITHOUT the use of email and/or the special requests whiteboard.

Email doesn't work well for Receiving because

  1. we don't have close access to a internet-accessible computer (and wouldn't want one either, presumably), and
  2. it's too much of a hassle to have everyone check their email before their shift AND have everyone identify receiving-related updates in between all the other daily emails we get.

The pre-existing whiteboard (a.k.a. Special Requests) doesn't work well because new updates tend to get lost amongst all the older things that stay there forever (!), and also it's pretty much impossible to create some sort of institutional memory of things that have been changed (and why).

The Solution

The FYI clipboard exists so that when someone brings a piece of information to our attention that requires us to make some sort of behavioral change, or when we've seen something that could be different, we can update all applicable staff without having to physically find them and tell them.

Hopefully this will eliminate the days of making a change, only to have someone change it right back, as well as the days when we wonder why something is the way it is.

What You Can Do

Please help do your part in Receiving by checking the clipboard as soon as you arrive, initialing by your name when you see a new update, and clearly documenting things when you recognize they need to be changed.


We'll file older FYIs by 3-hole punching them and then placing them in the STAFF FYI BINDER that lives near the screwdrivers on the upper shelf of the cup table. It is the responsibility of one of the the NPAs to send out weekly/biweekly/monthly summaries to the receiving listserv (receiving at lists dot free geek dot org [1]) and to update it on the Receiving Staff FYI Update Archive page. Extra copies of the FYI template are on Dead trees.