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No longer in use. Receiving requests now use the Receiving Q in the RT tracking system. -Austin C 1/15/2013

Our current wishlist for October:

Liane (Recycling) needs mini-optical mice for a grant.

Tony (Build) needs [Goo Gone], as much as we can track down.

Jeff (Black Hole) needs KVM/USB ended jumpers.

Nathan wants all phone stuph, but right now in particular he's looking for Panasonic (grey) linked phone system boxes.

Kermit (Build) needs four-pin Molex Y cables (they'll look like [these]), as many as we can find and give him.

Oso (Store) needs PS/2 extender cables (they'll look like [these]), as many as we can get the store, and they'll take either male/male or male/female connector ends.

Jeff (Black Hole) also needs a clock. Any kind of functional, can-plug-into-the-wall clock, because the Black Hole is angled away from the main shop clock in the warehouse, and many volunteers back there do not own a watch.

Ongoing saves (that aren't the usual daily ones):

All telephone bells, power cords, two-button mice, gooseneck lamps, daisy-style and metal round typewriter print heads, [robot DNA], all games on any media (CD, floppy diskettes and 5 1/4" disks).

Anything else will be listed when one of us remembers.