Recycling Co-Coordinators

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This page is to help those on the Recycling Committee assign roles to themselves, and make sure everything's covered. Efficient coverage of the responsibilities of the Recyling Co-Coordinators will become more important as we process more e-waste, and especially if we start getting systems from Providence.


  • Maintain and supervise recycling area(s).
  • Train volunteer workers to perform required recycling tasks.
  • Negotiate recycling contracts with recycling vendors.
  • Schedule recycled material pickups with recycling/transportation vendors.
  • Record quantity and weight data from vendors for use in monthly/yearly reports.
  • Organize recycled materials storage in the warehouse (coordinate with Operations).
  • Research and evaluate best environmental practices for material recycling.
  • Research and evaluate markets for recycled materials.
  • Give tours of recycling operation to visitors.
  • Make sure gaylords for receiving are out
  • Maintain area's cleanliness and safety
  • Greet volunteers
  • Start volunteers on tasks and check in
  • Make sure regular and advanced recycling are covered on a daily basis
  • Make sure tools are present, they're working and safe and there are enough of them
  • Load and unload trucks
  • Schedule pickups
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Research new companies/pricing structures/markets
  • Reorganize the space
  • Analyze the efficiency of workflow and procedures
  • Document