Recycling Internship Checklist

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  • Candidate Fills Out On-line Application
  • Candidate gets invitation to take tour
  • Candidate takes Free Geek tour
  • Interview
  • Regular Schedule established
  • 8 hr/wk Minimum, 3 mos Minimum (or 100 hours total at our discretion)
  • Buddy chosen
  • Summary of Interview posted to R/T
  • Safety Training / 1st Tour of Warehouse
  • Intern on e-mail lists: recycling@ and regulars@
  • 2nd Tour of Warehouse (wk 3 or 4)
  • Mid-Internship Check-In w/ Buddy
  • Check-In posted to R/T
  • Before Exit Interview, give questions:
a. What did you like / not like about internship?
b. Was the internship what you expected?
c. Were you able to accomplish your goals during your internship?
d. How could the internship experience be improved?
  • Exit Interview
  • Exit Interview posted to R/T