Recycling Volunteer Program

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To help "professionalize" the recycling area, and inspire volunteers to be more invested in the recycling program. Provide consistent training for first time volunteers.

Training Outline

Information that should be made available to volunteers working in the recycling area.

  • Safety Basics
    • Eye protection: must be worn at all times while working at the recycling bench or table,or working at the printer recycling table.
    • Gloves: should be worn at all times when working in recycling area or on recycling tasks.
    • Wash hands after shift, or if taking a break.
    • First aid kits: small kits next to incoming system pile (all injuries need to be reported to supervising staff)
    • Fire extinguisher: location
    • Exits: location, what to do in event of an emergency.

Safety and Tool Kits

Each volunteer will receive a "kit" at the beginning of their shift, and return it at the end of their shift.

Safety Kit Contents

  • gloves
  • eye protection
  • smock

Volunteer Rewards

  • FG Leather Man?
  • FG smock/lab coat?