Recycling and Printer Intern Management

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In an effort to improve the experience of Recycling & Printer Interns, we as staff want to check in with interns to make sure that their goals line up with what is both interesting to them and also useful for Free Geek.

We currently ask interns at a preliminary interview about their experiences and why they want to intern with us, but it's hard for them to know what to set as goals before they've done some work in the warehouse.

We think that checking back in with them after a few weeks will help clarify for them what they can gain from interning at Free Geek. It's possible that this would be the point when they might choose to NOT continue as a warehouse intern and try another area of Free Geek or another organization altogether. The point is that we'd evaluate and make sure that we're on the right path.

Progression of Internship

Apply on-line
Discuss Goals Here are some possibilities

  • Reference or Recommendation for future employment
  • Learn Recycling - e-waste, best practices, commodities
  • Gain Teaching Skills - volunteer coordination, improving training of volunteers, creating education material
  • Learn Logistics - warehousing, flow of gizmos, space allocation, arrangement of gaylords

Establish Schedule & Duration of Internship
Pair Up Intern with Staff Buddy that will consistently work shifts with them
Take Tour (if haven't already done so)
First Day of Internship:

  • Introduce to Staff Buddy
  • Subscribe to E-mail lists
  • Start page in Intern Binder
  • Reference Goals, Schedule, and Duration of internship from interview and write them on page in Intern Binder

After 16 hours of Interning:

  • Review goals with Staff Buddy, change goals as desired, try different internship, try Build Program instead, etc.
  • If the warehouse intern continues on, their Staff Buddy gives informal feedback how the internship is going. This feedback can be recorded on R/T if that seems appropriate.

Half-way Point of Internship

  • Review goals again with Staff Buddy, adjust goals as appropriate. Still not too late to switch to an area that's more appropriate.
  • Feedback recorded on R/T.

End of Internship

  • Exit interview with Staff Buddy
    • What worked well?
    • What could be improved?
    • How would you change things?
    • What would you add or subtract from your internship?
    • Record this on R/T and share with warehouse staff.