Recycling for Laptop Eval Draft

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  • Restructure the document to combine Hardware ID with what used to be Laptop Recycling.
  • Use machines headed for the shredder to reinforce information taught in Hardware ID
  • Put good assembly/disassembly strategies and tool skills into practice.


  • Get familiar with how various laptops are put together.
  • Practice assembling and disassembling laptops without breaking components.

1. Data security check

Are we not doing this now? with SDA in place?

2. Remove stickers

☐ Remove stickers:

  • Microsoft stickers. We still doing this? Waiting for the verdict from MS
  • Any sticker identifying the previous owner.
  • Stickers added by the manufacturer (specs, model number, etc) should be left on the system.
  • No cleaning or gunk removal is necessary; these laptops are headed straight for the recycling shredder!

3. Remove reusable parts

☐ Remove RAM from all systems, unless it is very difficult to get to.
☐ We won't reuse parts from most recyclers, usually because they are below our minimum build specifications. However, if the laptop is being recycled because of damage rather than age, we may keep some parts. Keep an eye out for:

  • Wireless cards
  • DDR2 or DDR3 RAM
  • DVD-RW optical drives

4. Final steps

☐ Minimally reassemble the system (the lid should close, more or less).
Put a Hard Drive Removed sticker on the top of the lid, and have your instructor sign it.
☐ For laptops with an Uncovered Electronics or FG-PDX sticker:

  • Remove the battery, and put it in the Bad Batteries bin on the recycling cart.
  • Put the laptop in the Uncovered bin on the recycling cart.

☐ For laptops without an Uncovered Electronics or FG-PDX sticker:

  • These laptops are 'covered' by Oregon E-Cycles laws, hence they go in the Covered bins on the recycling cart.

Expand this section for Hardware ID. Reorganize the document with introductory stuff at the top, exercises that include above steps.
If you'd like a chance to explore a bit more, in addition to the steps above, locate and remove as many of these components as you can find from a few different machines:

  • Modem or WiFi card
  • Keyboard and trackpad
  • Optical Drive
  • Screen and hinge assembly
  • Battery